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the two different hot spots t chemical has been found in the air in higher than acceptable concentrations. >> for years the environmental protection agency has been monitoring and extracting tce from the ground water and soil in and around the area. we have cleaned up over 5 and a quarter billion gallons of contaminated ground water and treated over 100 pounds of contaminates. >> the epa is saying they missed hot spots. along evandale road, and tce contamination in two homes. homes locate outside the original plume area, this concentration is a very high consideration. >> the highest tce levels that the epa measured in ground water
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reached 130,000 parts per billion. anything over five parts america billion they consider unsafe. >> once we found the hot spots we took action. >> tce a cleaning solvent used by the military and the mudding semiconductor industry. a toxic solvent that leaked and spilled all over the area. leaks so extensive that it's now a epa super fund site. >> it will be decades to clean up the ground water. tce was found this 20 commercial buildings in the area. including among the structures two new google office billings where renovations allowed higher than expected levels of tce to leach into the air in the buildings where google employees worked. >> how long have hot spots been
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there? >> we don't know how long or how, you know, how they got there. >> these hot spots is have been there a while and the people have been living above them or with this air in their home, is that correct is this. >> we don't know. >> now the epa was so concerned about the levels of the tce in the two homes they immediately began putting ventilation systems in them. as for the office buildings including google's, the epa said is that they have systems to keep vapors outside of the buildings now in place. google tells us that they take the matter seriously and they have taken measures to ensure that the area is safe. we will stay on the story. raj, jessica. >> an eye opening report, thank you, steven. happening now in fremont, police are on the scene of a multiple car crash, caused by a wrong way driver. nbc bay area's george joins us.
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george? >> reporter: that is right, raj, you see the area blocked off, a few hundred feet up. where we are standing right now is where the accident scene is, we are learning a pickup truck carrying pool chemicals was going the wrong way and caused the accident about 7:00 tonight and tonight we talk abowith a g samaritan that helped pull the man out of the wreck edge. >> like something out of a zombie movie. >> there were two in here and they were panicking and they were in shock and you know, bleeding from the face and i just went over there and tried to calm them down. >> reporter: hill had heard the screams and tried to help. >> i grabbed the door and pulled it out, and the guy reached for my hand and i locked his hand like this. and pulled him out the truck. >> reporter: the minivan crashed
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into a big rig. >> it was a mess. >> reporter: firefighters say the pickup was carrying swimming pool chemicals. the acid spilled on the ground causing vapors, hazmat groups were called out. it will attack the lungs and you will start forming basically, you will have liquid on your lungs and it's difficult to breathe. >> burning sensation in my chest. >> reporter: walter said he is happy to be there to help save lives. >> unbelievable. i did not think about what i was seeing i just did it. >> reporter: we talked with an accident investigator at the scene and he said that chol may have been a factor. we are live here. >> the former head of san mateo county's probation department is facing child pornography charges. according to court papers, for he estimate knowingly had materials that showed children engaged in sex acts or showed
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their genitals. forest had no comment, he faces up to six years in jail if convicted. >> who did it, police if four states are on approximate the man hunt for a shooter that killed an oakland rapper on the vig as strip. kenneth cherry, aka rapper kenny clutch was shot around 4:30 this morning. the rappers car crashed into a cab igniting an explosion. he was one of three dead and four people injured. steve any talked to charp -- cherry's father. >> reporter: he is still in shock over the loss. he just spoke with his son the day before yesterday. ♪ >> reporter: six months ago, kenny clutch cherry starred in a music video. rapping about guns and women.
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showing off his car. and in that same car on the same street, the 27-year-old aspiring rapper from oakland was killed. his father got the call around 5:00 in the morning from the girlfriend telling him his son was shot and killed. >> according to witness statements, shots were fired from a range rover at his car. >> i heard it was a disagreement and the guys pulled to the side of him and let the -- he let his window down and they started shooting. my son, for the record did not have any guns in his car, it was not a gun battle or anything like that. >> reporter: he and the passenger were shot. they crashed into a cab and killed two people inside, including the driver who has been identified as 62-year-old michael bolden, he moved to vegas from detroit a year ago to take care of family.
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he was a caring loving man say family, gone too soon, he can echoing the heart ache of the oakland father tonight. >> when i talk about my son, he was the sweetest boy i met in my life. he was known as a bright kid. >> in the tenth grade, as soon as he got there, they shot him up to the 12th grade algebra class. >> reporter: he created that video, the lyrics now a earie foreshadowing of what was to come. ♪ >> reporter: now the shooting and killing occurred near where tupac was shot and killed. their priority is to not just lay their son to rest, but to
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help with the three children he left behind. the youngest a 2 month old baby girl. >> okay. thank you. we should let you know that the passenger in the car has not been identified but police tell us that a bullet grazed that man in the arm and he is cooperating with their investigation. three other people suffered minor injuries and that was part of the six car wreck. >> what exactly happened today? the coast guard and the construction company are looking into the cause of a massive crane accident underneath the bay bridge. the crane toppled over this afternoon as crews worked on the new eastern span of the bridge. a spokes person for the bay bridge project said that two cranes were working in tandem to lower a piece of scaffolding, that slipped, sending down the 129 ton piece of steel. next thing i know, i turned around and the crane was down. one of the cranes was down and the scaffolding was down, and perched up there and collapsed on the bargist.
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there were four people working on the crane at the time of the accident. thankfully none were injured. despite the accident, the opening of the new bay bridge the scheduled for labor day weekend. coming up, new details about the man hunt for christopher dorner, the tip that put police on his trail days after the double murder. >> and behind the gates of the california national guard after months of avoiding questions about a disturbing culture, we catch up with the general in charge. >> and one of the most remarkable comebacks in bay area sports history, we will check in with giants pitcher, barry zito.
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>> just in tonight, we are learning more about the man hunt for accused cop killer christopher dorner, it was she who called police two days after a young couple was killed in a parking garage. ter terryevans trained with him. she made the call because she felt he was responsible. the chief said that evans actions may have saved lives. >> members of the california national guard aaccused the highest ranking officer of failing to address a disturbing culture. for months he has avoided answering questions on the matter. he has denied multiple requests from us before and after an investigation. toney is back toast anight -- ar
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the first time, the general is talking. >> we told him to expect our cameras and our questions. he found both before recent public appearance in san francisco. >> joe baldwin? tony with nbc bay area. do you have a few minutes to talk to us? >> as we walk to the hotel. >> it was said that for several months he has a great story to tell. i would like to have answers to questions that were brought up by your guards. he has avoided the request to sit down for 15 minutes and answer accusations raised by more than two dozen members of his guard. >> i can tell you the culture, it's fractured. it's toxic in my opinion and i recently let the general know that. >> i'm angry because they do not think it's significant enough to make changes in the
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organization. and i just can't accept that. >> they don't want, you know, their reputation to be tarnished. they don't want heat or light on our unit. >> they said that you have not met their expectations and fixing the culture. how do you answer that? >> we had a survey done last july by the defense equal opportunity management institute that shows that we have the best command climate in the entire department of defense. >> but the connection is not clear. we don't know how the survey addresses accusationed that he has ignored a toxic culture behind the gates of the guard. >> they say you are not answered questions about sexual harassment, racism and retaliation. >> they are wrong, all of their allegations have been investigated by outside independent agencies and none of the allegations have been
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established. >> this report, co-authored by a respected member of the oklahoma national guard. chief ronald petty. >> it was clear to us, that the california national guard was not following the proper procedures as outlined in the national guard regulations. >> the report he authored red, sexual harassment and hostile working environment are common in the california national guard. racial tension has been high since 2008, and petty said is he found proof that they failed to immediately assign counselors and investigators when its members filed complaints. a violation of national guard standard. >> it's not a good one. it's not a good reputation. it's not. >> the petty report, you ordered it, taxpayers paid for it and it was ignored. how do you answer that? >> there was no report. that document was merely a collection of individual
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statements. um, that were never investigated. >> achiev this your decades of experience have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no. no. i never found that many people who were not getting resolution. >> i just can't believe the huge chain of command cannot take care of people. >> they like to keep it a dirty little secret. and keep it in the closet with the other skeletons but now they are spilling out. >> we have asked to sit down with you, we did not want to meet you on the street like this. why have you avoided answering the questions? i find your journalistic ethics to be not up to standard. >> can you be specific? >> one of complaints you said was not investigated and you held on to it for six months. >> we believe that he is talking about the six month investigation. the general has had several
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opportunities to address claims that members of his guard have not handled issues properly. >> i just want it to stop. to, it -- i just want it to stop. >> we gave you every opportunity, sir, to answer a it. we gave you every opportunity to answer it and you avoided our questions. will you sit down with us, sir? >> can you please go outside, thank you. >> we did confirm the survey that the general cited in our interview, but we were not able to confirm his claim that issues raised by members of his guard were investigated. the california guard will not provide those reports for our review. in all, the general spent less than two minutes answering some of the questions raised by our investigation and members of his guard. he is not responding to our repeated requests for an indepth
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interview on the issues. jess in. >> okay, thank you very much, and tonight, lawmakers are demanding a senate investigation into the dtsc after investigateive unit exposed flaws in the regulation of companies that pollute. the department of toxic substances control is supposed to protect us from toxic waste, it was disturbing to see a report that showed that employees fear retaliation for discussing enforcement practices. and senator corebett said she was outraged from the information in the report and wants an speculation from the agencies director. if you have a tip for any of our investigative reporters call us or send us an e-mail to the unit. >> let's turn it over to jeff ranieri as we head to the weekend, changing forecast. >> definitely, winds 15-30 miles an hour at the coastline and that is translating to a breezy
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condition as well, and that will stay if place tomorrow, so, the biggest related kenner is the pollen, the allergy forecast, this is not looking to get better. not even by the end of the weekend. we will need rainfall to improve that. current temperatures dropping off to 39, and 46 in santa rosa and 43 in san jose, and 43 in sunnyvale, let's go to the hd sky camera network. for a quick look here. and it is clear. but we have a bit of a onshore flow and cloud cover. this that will bring us patchy fog for the morning hours. as we look at the current pattern, we have the jet stream sitting across northern california and we will see several storm systems passing by. here comes high pressure to save us in time for the end of the work week forecast. sunshine coming back. and cloud cover and all and all,
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a nice forecast as we look ahead to the up coming weekend. we will start with 44 in san rafael, and 39 in san jose with 37 in los gatos. daytime highs on friday, it will be the warmest spread down here in the south bay. not as warm for the east bay, the warmest spot will be walnut creek at 63, 61 in livermore and upper 50s to near 60 back by the bay. san francisco with 61 and 65 expected in santa rosa. if you are heading up to tahoe, maybe an extended weekend coming your way. a slight chance of a snow shower, by saturday, temperatures get colder and we look for partly cloudy skies. otherwise, at alpine meadows,
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we have a snow base at 61 inches. your three-day forecast, if you are tuning in now, on friday, with sunny skies, mid 60s inland. the only hitch in the weekend forecast is onshore flow, and morning fog and as we head throughout sunday. a bit of cloud cover and sunshine. we need rainfall to clear out the pollen and the moderate air quality and our chances of rain next week just continue to dwindle at this point, in fact, we have taken any kind of rain icon off of the seven-day forecast at this point and in other weather news coming into us, we look to have a developing drought as we head throughout may of this year. so, not good news for us, hopefully we can turn the tide as we head through next month. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, making movie magic, the bay area college student that worked on one of the projects up for an oscar. not yet march, but madness for
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the golden bears, a great finish for cal.
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>> the oscars are this weekend and the bay area is becoming hollywood north, we have pixar and dream works and a local college is stepping into the show biz spotlight. they worked on the movie, "beast of the southern wild." the budget was under $2 million, and they did it by using talented students that helped them stay within the budget. the movie is up for multiple oscars. the movie will open many doors for them in the industry they say.
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>> hi everybody, scott reiss at the xfinity sports desk. been a tough week for cal basketball. the bears were more than happy to shift the focus back to the court and even happier about
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that when tonight's contest endity. cal facing the number 23 ducks. and of course, first game, post monte shove. robert thurman, big game off the bench. three-point play, ties it up late. and cobbs for the win. flash. dramatic fashion. cal takes it 48-46 and oh, yeah the brs have beaten oregon 11 straight times. alex smith's future in san francisco remains in doubt. one thing we know, the qb had dinner with 49ers gm trent balky sometime after the super bowl to discuss. our insider matt maiocco discusses what we expected, which is they will look to trade alex this off-season. and barry zito looking to continue his momentum from last year. he threw today and threw well. he faced some of the giants top hitters and by all accounts had
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the curveball working to perfection. his manager is certainly a beliefer. >> zeets looks good. he is, in fact i looked him the first day, he was impressive, i asked him how many he has been thoughing. he said he -- has been throwing, he has come in ready and he has thrown the ball well. >> big night on friday for local teams the warriors at home against the spurs and the sharks in chicago against the best team in hockey the blackhawks. more news after this.
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>> look at this, it's an unusual sight in medical burn australia, a wallaby spent two hours sitting on the ledge of the parking grauj -- parking garage,
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he was shot with a dart and he will stay in a shelter until his shopping addiction passes. then he will be returned to the wild so he does not go back to the mall. >> so he is okay? >> he is okay. >> thanks for watching us tonight, we hope to see you back here tomorrow, jay leno is next. >> bye-bye.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band.
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tonight, jay welcomes -- arsenio hall, supermodel karolina kurkova, the music of tristan prettyman and "stuff we found ebay." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you! thank you, guys. [ cheers and applause ] thanks, everybody.
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welcome to "the tonight show." oh, boy. hey, have you heard about this? this is all over the place. a mother in new york state now facing possible jail time after she allegedly hired two strippers to perform at her son's 16th birthday party. [ audience ohs ] >> rickey: oh. >> jay: but, to be fair, you know, a lot of kids are afraid of clowns, you know? so, you go to go -- >> rickey: yep. >> jay: a lot of kids get very nervous, yeah. no, even worse is grandma put 100 singles in his birthday card so the kid could make it rain. that's wrong. [ audience ohs ] >> rickey: oh. >> jay: i think you're starting too young. [ applause ] and this -- this all took place at a a bowling alley. they had the birthday party at a bowling alley. see, i think the mom is setting her son up for a huge disappointment later in life. i mean, let's be honest. is there anybody you ever wanted to see naked in a a bowling alley? no. [ laughter ] no. it's a horrible thought. well -- oh, since this is lent, here's an interesting fact. did you know the boat that noah

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